SEND (Special Education Needs and Disability)

Our Learning Support Department aims to ensure that all children should have access to an appropriate education that allows them to achieve their personal potential. Statemented students are allotted SEN (Special Educational Needs) learning support assistants and specialist teachers to meet the requirement and provision of their statements.

Pastoral Care

At the heart of life at St Thomas More Language College is a strong and inclusive pastoral system, supporting the values and ethos of the college in the everyday lives of our students. All staff within the college community, from teachers to support staff, have a responsibility for the pastoral care and well-being of our students. Form tutors play a vital role within the pastoral support of our students being the first point of call for students. Tutors are supported in this work by the Pastoral and Academic Leaders (PAL) who are non-teaching heads of year and who oversee the academic and pastoral care of their respective year groups. Each tutor and PAL can easily be contacted by parents.