House system

Our House system builds a shared identity and encourages participation in a wide range of events in the day to day life of the college. It also encourages everyone to recognise and value their own strengths and those of other students. Giving house points as a reward system centres on:

- Improving self-esteem
- Motivation and engagement
- Contribution to the group
- Positive recognition
- Choice and responsibility

House points are given for a variety of reasons such as attendance, punctuality, homework, effort, volunteering, citizenship and charity fundraising. Throughout the year several inter-house competitions take place allowing for more opportunities to gain house points.In the summer term, our college celebrates Sports Day at Battersea Park, where all the houses compete in many different activities to win the Sports Day Shield and be named house Champions!

House festivals

Every member of our school community, from students to teachers, is a member of a school house. Each house has a patron saint, usually related to the period of history in which St Thomas More was alive. Our house patrons are St Edmund Campion, St John Fisher, St Philip Howard, St Cuthbert Mayne and St Ralph Sherwin. These five holy men suffered for their Catholic faith at a time when England was less tolerant of religious diversity. These great and heroic Saints inspire us today to be faithful. They call to each one of us to be holy, to serve God and to strive for excellence in the way we live and celebrate our Christian faith.

May the Holy Martyrs of England, Pray for us!

When our house festivals are celebrated

St Edmund Campion
St John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester
St Philip Howard
St Cuthbert Mayne
St Ralph Sherwin
St Joseph
March & May
St John Southworth