The Mathematics Department at STMLC supports all students’ potential for achievement, providing them with a solid foundation of mathematical skills, whilst promoting a sense of wonder about the beauty of mathematics.

“Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe”

Galileo (1564 – 1642)

The Mathematics Department at St Thomas More Language College will provide for all students mathematical experiences through spiritual, moral, cultural and social contexts – irrespective of their background, ability or race. These experiences should help the students to acquire the mathematical skills and understanding they need as they journey through life. Mathematics plays an important role in our lives. It is used in everyday activities such as buying food and clothes, keeping time and playing games.

All students at St Thomas More Language College study mathematics. We aim to provide a wide range of mathematical experiences enabling students to:

  • acquire skills in mathematical thinking;
  • develop conīŦdence in using and applying mathematics and to  appreciate its challenges and aesthetic satisfaction within wider contexts;
  • develop positive attitudes to mathematics and an understanding of its nature and purpose in a variety of relevant contexts;
  • progress appropriately through a challenging programme of work differentiated to meet individual needs;
  • develop, initiate and enjoy working cooperatively, collaboratively and individually.

Students are encouraged to develop their thinking skills and approaches to problem solving and enquiry using a range of techniques. The development of an understanding of number and its application, in particular the development of mental strategies and the use of appropriate language is a priority.

A wide range of teaching methods are used, in order to meet the varying needs of students. Included are whole class, small group and individualised learning approaches. The emphasis is on active learning. Active involvement in mathematical experiences, in real and relevant contexts is essential for the mathematical development of our students. This is particularly so in KS4 where problem solving and real life applications compliment the study programmes. We are committed to providing a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum for all our students, presented at a level appropriate to the needs and ability of individual students.

Students have a wealth of extra curricular opportunities at St Thomas More Language College. These range from the popular Jaguar Cars Maths in Motion Club to participation in the prestigious UK Mathematical Challenges. Year 11 students have the opportunity to study Further Maths.

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Click here for information on AQA Level 2 Qualification in Further Maths which is studied by top set students. 


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