Art, Craft, and Design

The Art, Craft, and Design department provides manifest opportunities for students to explore and develop aspects of themselves and the wider world that do not occur in other areas of school based learning. Art education provides balance, breadth and enrichment to engage in visual communication, encouraging students as a means of developing skills and techniques to explore ideas and feelings. It is thus unique that students are able to develop their own personality and interests within a coherent structure of creativity and learning. Art education within the College curriculum should enhance students visual awareness on a wider context, empowering them to respond to the natural environment and also the contribution of Art to our manmade world.

Aims of the Art, Craft, and Design Department

  • To develop the ability of each student to observe, record and understand their environment through drawing.
  • To promote each students imagination and sense of fantasy, recognising the potential for the development and exploration of their work.
  • To relate their own work to a wider context of image and artefact creation, making connections with the work of other artists from Western and non-Western sources.
  • To develop knowledge, understanding and context of the basic elements of art, as a means of expression, whilst evolving techniques, skills and creative processes.
  • To encourage students to be self-critical and to self-evaluate as a means of building creative awareness and understanding.
  • To promote equal opportunities at all times and to develop skills and capabilities of the full range of all students.
  • To develop the skills, capabilities and creative awareness of GCSE students who have selected Art as an examination subject, to facilitate their success to the highest possible level.

At KS3 

In Years 7 and 8, students work on specific themes where they explore and develop a range of skills and processes which empower them as young artists.

Click here to download the Y7 and Y8 Art curriculum overview 

At KS4 & GCSE option subject 

From Year 9, students follow a framework of projects which directly relate to the GCSE specification as suggested by the Edexcel exam board.

Click here to download the Y9 , Y10 and Y11 Art curriculum overview and EDEXCEL specification.

Further information on qualifications please contact Mr R Carter.

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