Student Support

The Student Support Centre is an integral part of our College’s approach to learning and behaviour support, providing separate short-term teaching and support programmes tailored to the need of individual students.

Many students supported by the Student Support Centre, include those who:

  • Have poor social skills
  • Have low self-esteem and/or confidence
  • Are falling behind with work
  • Lack direction and commitment
  • Long-term absentees
  • Have difficulty in settling in to school
  • Have difficulty in making friends
  • Have difficulty in controlling their emotions.

Students who could benefit from being in the SSC are identified through a referral process. The SSC contains only a small numbers of students, normally no more than 10 at a time and is staffed by the SSC Manager.

The curriculum followed by students depends upon the students’ individual needs and range from ‘shadowing’ our mainstream curriculum to addressing issues such as anger management, raising self-esteem improving social skills.

The Student Support Centre is a short-term centre for students who experience a disruption to their normal school life.  Therefore, students could stay working in the SSC for a few days or for a number of terms.  To support them with this, the Manager of the SSC will always work very closely with their teachers, so that they are able to keep up their studies.

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