Learning Mentors

Students who need further help to overcome barriers affecting their learning inside and outside of College. They also work closely with parents to help provide an environment at home that is conducive to learning.

In addition, mentors establish and build on positive relationships with parents and offer support and guidance to ensure they have a comprehensive picture of what their child is learning and their academic progress.  Over the years, our Learning Mentors, Pastoral and Teaching staff have worked together very successfully with students to improve their attitude towards their learning and this collaborative approach continues to grow, encouraging our students to reach their fullest potential, both academically and socially.   

Our Aims: 

  • To identify and remove any barriers to learning that prevents individuals achieving their full potential;
  • To reduce exclusion and improve attendance and punctuality;
  • To help raise academic standards at St Thomas More Language College;
  • To develop positive relationships with families/carers and outside agencies to broaden the support network for children;
  • To develop and share good practice;
  • To promote inclusion;
  • To develop a holistic approach to children's education where emotional and social growth and academic achievement are all equally valued.

St Thomas More Language College,
Cadogan Street, Chelsea,
London, SW3 2QS