House System






The principle objective of the House System is:

‘To promote competition and healthy rivalry among students in all the activities of the school, curricular and extra-curricular, and also to foster such qualities of loyalty and leadership.’

The House System is designed to add an element of fun, community spirit and competition to school life at St Thomas More Language College. By encouraging participation in a wide range of events it brings the school community closer together and helps to create a supportive learning environment. It also encourages everyone to recognise and value their own and other students' strengths.

The concept of a reward system that uses points is framed around not simply positive recognition for acceptable behaviour and giving immediate feedback to the student, but also centres on:

  • improving self-esteem
  • motivation and engagement
  • contribution to the group
  • reinforcement of boundaries to target student and others within the teaching environment
  • positive recognition
  • choice and responsibility

House points are giving for a variety of reasons such attendance, punctuality, homework, effort, volunteering, citizenship, etc. Throughout the year a number of inter-house competitions take place allowing for more opportunities for gaining house points.

At the end of the year Sports Day takes place at Battersea Park, where all the houses compete in a number of different activities to win the Sports Day Shield.

All these are added up and the winning house is awarded the House Cup and named House Champion!

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