Youth Lockdown Support - RBKC

Update on the Detach and Outreach Teams lockdown delivery offer. 

Throughout the week the DOT Workers will be offering a range of support and activities in efforts to reach out and support the children and young people within RBKC – Must be RBKC residents.


Below you will see a table containing our weekly offer.







4pm – 6pm

‘Talk that Talk’

Online Youth Forum


3pm – 6pm

South Detached and Outreach


3pm – 6pm

North Detached and Outreach



1pm – 3pm

‘Text & Chat’

Virtual Support


‘Talk That Talk’ – DOT Workers will be delivering an online youth forum to engage with young people that are isolated as a result of the current lockdown and give them a chance to interact with other young people from RBKC. The session allows young people to come and talk about how they’re feeling and things that are of general interest to them, in addition the session would also aim to promote constructive conversation and debates about various themes that relate to them. For example, a conversation about the issue of consent and sexual exploitation could be explored by talking about British rapper, Dutchavelli, and the allegations against him.

DOT Workers will further use this opportunity to work closely with the young people to identify  any gaps that exist in our offer. We will plan and roll out further activities that are aimed at meeting their needs in the near future.

Students can contact Ayana Scarlett directly on 07816113937 to add themselves to the sessions.

Tuesday & Wednesday;

Detached and Outreach – DOT Workers will deliver one scheduled session in the north and one session in the south each week. The Detached and Outreach Team (DOT) engage with young people through street-based activities (detached work). By being situated in the places young people spend time, The DOT Workers can gain an understanding of the issues that young people experience and direct young people to services that exist in their area for support (outreach work).


Chat With Us’ – DOT Workers will be available to chat with young people via WhatsApp between 1pm-3pm. Young people will be allocated 1hour of the DOT Workers time to discuss any topic of their choosing. DOT Workers will signpost and refer young people to the necessary services for additional support if needed. A transcript of the conversations will also be saved should any safeguarding concerns be disclosed.

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