33 Days of Consecration to St Joseph

Please join us as we embark on a 33 Day Pilgrimage / Reflective Retreat reflecting on St Joseph with the following questions guiding us through the reflections:

What sort of man would God entrust Mary and His son - Jesus - too?

Why St Joseph?

Who is St Joseph?

Why should we have a devotion to St Joseph?

Why is there a need today, more than ever, to have a devotion to St Joseph?

We will be using a variety of sources to help us reflect in answering these questions, including: Pope Francis' Apostolic Letter - PATRIS CORDE - of the Holy Father Francis - on the 150th anniversary of the proclamation of St Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church; and Consecration to St Joseph - The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father - by Donald H Calloway, MIC (In the midst of crisis, confusion, and a world at war with the Church, it's time to come home again to our spiritual father, St. Joseph. In this richly researched and lovingly presented program of consecration to St. Joseph, Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, brings to life the wonders, the power, and the ceaseless love of St. Joseph, Universal Patron of the Church and the Terror of Demons.)

Some suggested prayers (referred to in the reflections) you can use with the videos (before, after or during - or indeed at any time) can be found below as well.  The reflections can be found at the following links.  You may start the reflections at any time and revisit any of them at any time.  We started on 15 February, 33 days before the Feast Day of St Joseph Spouse of Mary (19 March) - but you can start them any time and finish them on a date of your choice.

Day 1;     Day 2;     Day 3;     Day 4;     Day 5;     Day 6;     Day 7;     Day 8;

Day 9;     Day 10;     Day 11;     Day 12;     Day 13;     Day 14;     Day 15;

Day 16;     


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