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Language College


STMLC WAS successfully designated as a Language College in July 2004

Ms Elsted appointed for January 2005 as Head of MFL 

Main Aims 

To raise the profile of STM as a Language College both within and outside of the College by:

1.  ensuring that the languages curriculum was accessible to all students and would lead them to achieve a language qualification (GCSE ) by Year 11.

2.  promoting the International Dimension of the College through a broad range of language, cultural and international activities and opportunities throughout the year.

Curriculum aims

  • To support students in their language learning and increase the number of students who attain a GCSE level 4 or above (or equivalent).
  • To ensure that the curriculum provides opportunities for students to broaden their experience of language learning and to develop knowledge and experience of culture through cross-curricular collaborative events.

Collaborative links

           Brazil Day 6th March 2018:

As usual the Music, MFL, and Art  departments will be running this collaborative event providing opportunities for Year 7 to sample the delights of the Brazilian culture. The day will include Samba drumming, Capoeira, Brazilian carnival masks and the fun, competitive Brazil quiz.

Christmas From Around the World:

Year 7 learn about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries and present their thoughts, ideas and reflections to the group. They also get to sample some delicious European Christmas foods.

European Languages Day 26th September:

On this day we celebrate not just European languages but all languages spoken around the world with an International Menu in the canteen, the MFL department’s quiz on European languages/dialects in unusual places around the world, prayers and stickers in many languages and general (European) knowledge quizzes.

Home languages

Native speakers:

All native speakers have the opportunity to gain a GCSE qualification in their home language. This year languages to be taken for GCSE range from Arabic, Cantonese, French, Italian, Persian to Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Each year MFL staff work tirelessly to arrange tuition, practice and instruction in exam technique to these pupils so that they may be successful in obtaining the highest grades at GCSE.

TAFAL: Teach a friend a language project:

An annual competition in which pupils teach other students part of their home language. 

Extra curricular

Chinese Language and Culture courses:

Autumn term course undertaken by Year 7 covering Chinese language, calligraphy, dance, brush paint and Kung Fu.

Overseas links

Spanish exchange school:

Our link with La Salle RC school, Santander is now well established and successful. Students and staff from La Salle visited STM this year in April during which time they they made a video and linked with STMLC students for their school visit and attended a joint trip to the Globe theatre for a workshop on Romeo and Juliet. It was very successful.

Trips and Exchanges

Santander, Spain June 2017:

The MFL department took 40 pupils on a residential visit to Santander in June 2017. STM pupils will visit our Spanish partner school, La Salle RC School, spending some time in lessons with their partner. They will also undertake a number of cultural trips in the local area and get to practise their language skills.

Language Immersion trip to Burgundy

Forty pupils and four staff will be visiting the Maison Claire Fontaine, Language Immersion Centre, which is situated in the heart of Burgundy. Students are immersed in a variety of language and cultural activities and have the opportunities to experience life as native French person. 


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