Inter-House Competitions


Throughout the year there are a variety of inter-house competitions. The aims of the inter-house competitions are to:

  • Enhance the sense of pride in the College
  • Development of the College culture and values
  • Recognise participation and achievement in extracurricular activities
  • Provide a varied cultural and sporting programme in the College
  • Encourage a healthy competitive environment
  • Encourage multilevel participation
  • Develop leadership and pastoral at both junior and senior levels
  • Develop unity and a common interest between students and staff


The competitions currently held are:

·       Football

·       Basketball

·       Table tennis

·       Swedish long ball

·       Badminton

·       Netball

·       Cricket

·       Rounders

·       Tennis


Results so far: (Please click on the link below)

1st Feb 2013

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