Gifted and Talented


Students who are regarded as Gifted are those considered to be in the top 5% - 10% in academic subjects including: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, RE, ICT and Modern Foreign Languages.
Students who are regarded as Talented are those who have an exceptional ability in PE, Music, Drama and Art.
How are Gifted and Talented students recognised?
  • All students are assessed on Cognitive Ability Test Scores (CATS) at the start of their time at St Thomas More Language College. Those achieving a score of 120 or more are defined as Gifted and Talented;
  • Students may also be nominated by subject teacher or Head of Department in a particular subject;
  • Students may also be nominated through external bodies.
Our motto at St Thomas More Language College is Serving God and Striving for Excellence.  We aim to help Gifted and Talented students achieve that excellence by:
Providing them with opportunities which will challenge their abilities;
Helping students with decisions about their future according to their ambitions;
Encouraging students to work beyond their abilities in class;
Developing higher order thinking skills;
Offering enrichment and taster activities outside of school.
G&T Contacts
For further information on Gifted and Talented provision, please contact the Gifted and Talented Coordinators:
Mr. R. Carter  on 0207 589 9734.
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