Religious Education

"Our teaching of Religious Education is based on the faith and belief of the Catholic Church. The aims of the Religious Education programme at St Thomas More Language College is to provide the pupils with an opportunity for developing their awareness of what it means to grow in faith and the love of Jesus Christ. As a Christian community we strive to emulate his example of love, service and compassion for all.

We hope that by the time they are ready to leave the college, students will have begun to understand more fully the nature of the gift that God is offering to each of them as confirmed members of the Church.
Above all, we want them to realise that their relationship with God is something which needs to be developed throughout the rest of their lives."
At KS3
At Key Stage 3 all students receive two hours of RE each week; following the framework of a series called, “The Way, The Truth, & The Life.”
This programme is based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Religious Education Curriculum Directory for Catholic Schools published by the Bishops’ Conference.
Year 7
7.1 – Revelation & Faith
7.2 – God’s Promises Fulfilled
7.3 – The Saviour
7.4 – The Church
7.5 – The Sacraments
7.6 – Christianity & Other Faiths
Year 8
8.1 – Creation
8.2 – The Covenant
8.3 – Mystery of the Eucharist
8.4 – Holy Week
8.5 – Mission of the Church
8.6 – The Church in Britain
Year 9
9.1 – The Spiritual Quest
9.2 – The Gospels
9.3 – Life in the Spirit
9.4 – God’s Call
9.5 – Morality & Conscience
9.6 – Dialogue with other Faiths
KS3 programme of study
All students receive three hours of RE each week.
Pupils are prepared and entered for the Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies Specification A.
Unit 3: Religions & Life according to Catholic Christianity
3.1 – Believing in God
3.2 – Matters of Life and Death
3.3 – Marriage and the Family
3.4 – Religion and Community Cohesion
Unit 10: Catholic Christianity
10.1 – Beliefs & Values
10.2 – Community & Tradition
10.3 – Worship & Celebrations
10.4 - Living the Christian Life
KS4 programme of study
Click here for Year 10 programme of study - in draft
Click here for Year 11 programme of study - in draft
Assessment is by 100% terminal examination
Extra curricular
Members of the Department are fully active in all aspects of the Catholic life of the school. The Department liaises closely with the School Chaplain to ensure that the “richness and quality of liturgical life of the school and the worship experiences offered for personal and corporate prayer as well as celebrations of the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation” are outstanding.
During the academic year 2012 – 2013, members of the Department have supported:
Five drop down days exploring the Dignity of the Human Person
Utopia – an opportunity for students to come together and reflect on their faith and shared values
Away Days
Music Show cases
Holocaust memorial Day
Pilgrimage to Rome
Charity works


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