Modern Foreign Languages

"Good language skills are a real asset in any job; in our twenty first century global marketplace, the ability to communicate in a foreign language and understand the culture behind that language is of vital importance."

The aims and purpose of the Modern Foreign Languages department are to:
  • Foster a love of languages in students
  • Provide enjoyment in language learning
  • Build upon skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing to enable students to communicate confidently and independently
  • Provide students with opportunities to see the value and importance of learning languages in a multicultural society and on the international stage
  • Provide students with a first-hand experience through direct contact with native speakers, including foreign language assistants, and through exchanges and trips abroad.
  • Broaden the student experience of the culture of the language which they have studied
At KS3
In Year 7, students study French for half the year and Spanish for the other half. At the end of Year 7, students have the opportunity to choose between French or Spanish. They will study the chosen language until GCSE. 
KS3 Programme of Study
At KS4 
All students take a language at GCSE, either at Foundation or Higher Level.
Students have terminal examination in four skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing), which have equal weightings (i.e. 25% each). 
In Year 10, students will have the opportunities to do a mock speaking examinination in the terminal examination format. This will provide them with valuable experience for the actual examination. 
Native Speakers
Every year, we enter a large number of native speakers for a GCSE in their home language.
Languages undertaken in the past have included: Russian, Polish, Italian, Irish, Persian, Arabic, Chines Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish, German and Greek.
We are also a centre for students taking AS qualifications in Portuguese and Spanish at the Portuguese and Spanish schools operating on site.  These students usually achieve top grades.
Extra curricular activity
A diverse variety of clubs and activities are run by the MFL department, which in turn support our Language College status.  In addition, collaborative and cross curricular enrichment days are offered for KS3.
Sample of collaborative and cross curricular enrichment activities
Christmas around the world
Chinese Club
TAFAL (Teach a Friend A Language)
Language immersion visits to France
Residential trip to Spain, including collaboration with the Spanish Exchange School (la Salle, Santander)
Brazil Day (a cross-curricular event organised by MFL, Music, & Art)

Qualification Information

Examination Offered Options
Exam Specification
Progression options Assessment
Spanish GCSE

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A level


Terminal assessments (Listening, speaking, reading, and writing)




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A Level
Terminal assessments (Listening, speaking, reading, and writing)


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