Drama is a highly creative, exciting and rewarding option to take. There are countless opportunities to develop self-confidence, communication skills and improve social skills and group awareness. It is a subject which caters for all students who enjoy the stimulation of working together.
We have a purpose-built, modern drama room with a selection of playsets including titles such as, Blood Brothers, Nicholas Nickleby and War Horse.
A qualification in Drama and a good understanding of the theory behind the subject gives the student an opportunity and the potential to enter a diverse range of careers including: health professions (speech and language, voice and drama therapy), teaching, public speaking and politics, stage management, set design, costume design, the film industry and acting.
At KS4 & GCSE option subject 
Newly reintroduced to the curriculum, Drama is taken as a separate GCSE option in Year 9.
Students are encouraged to:
  • Understand the importance of Drama and its use in todayĆ­s society
  • Work imaginatively and creatively in given contexts
  • Understand the cultural, historical and social influences on texts
  • Reflect and evaluate on their own performance and that of others
  • Develop and demonstrate competence and confidence in performance skills
This will be achieved through:
1. Exploration of different play texts
2. Practical performance
3. Exploration of themes and issues in Drama
Extra-curricular activity
A variety of theatre trips take place throughout the year and students have previously attended Royal Court Playwright Theatre workshops.  We also currently run a Debating club for Year 9 and Year 10 students and have achieved commendable success in National competitions.
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