Key Stage 4

Students are offered a number of option subjects at the beginning of Year 9.  They study these alongside the core subjects of English, Maths, Science and Religious Education.  We encourage our students to work closely with parents to choose those option subjects they have the most interest in and which they believe will provide them with the necessary skills and qualifications for the next stage of life.  The use of baseline data also enables staff to support students in making the right decisions so that the prospects of further education and career choice can be assured.
These strategies have greatly enhanced our students' self-esteem and belief in their abilities and, in turn, our attainment figures.  Please see Academic Success page for details of our examination results.  It is the intention of all staff at St Thomas More Language College to prepare all students for the smooth transition to Key Stage 5 and to ensure they have the attributes and knowledge required to become independent and lifelong learners.
Further details about the options we offer can be found on our subject-specific pages.
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